Local Fire Pt.1

most of my posts on here have been referencing rappers that are in the limelight and have been recognized for their talents already. i figured why not feature local artists that have real talent on here?? might as well gas them up a bit, because they definitely deserve it. some of the people in this post are my homiessss and some i just follow on twitter, nevertheless they are all talented musicians from south florida and deserve all the attention they get. 

first up is “Back 2 School” by my good friend Tyler, a talented ass individual who is way too humble about his music. this song has a very lo-fi hip-hop sound to it; it features very minimal beats and a nice piano riff (i know riff is usually used when referencing guitars, but i couldn’t think of a better word lol). my favorite part by far is the little coin sound in the beginning, which is slowly but surely turning into his trademark. overall 10/10 song, especially if you want something to vibe to. 

next up is “Everyday” by Kaotic Steel. This song is about love, but not in the cheesy, romantic way you’d expect a love song to be. Steel incorporates a lot of emotion into this song, and you can really feel it when you listen to it, which is probably one of the things i appreciate the most. he also has a very developed and individual style, which shows his skill level is far beyond an everyday amateur rapper. the production in this song also rides so shout out to Big Lo$. Kaotic Steel’s album “2Face” is very well put together while maintaining a great variety, and is something that should definitely be checked out.

if you haven’t already noticed, i put part 1 on the title because i have too much talent to write about and i don’t want the post to be achingly long and hard to read, so i’m gonna make another post featuring more local fire soon! pce out 


Earl v. Domo

I’ve neglected to write on here for a while since i’ve been busy but I miss it so i’m back to post some fire. both of these songs are on earl’s Doris album and they feature domo genesis, who is waaaay underrated in my opinion. i like earl and domo’s dynamic, their styles fit together very well. my first song is dis:

the song opens with domo’s verse. his flow is really good but what catches my attention the most is his lyricism and his cool style, he sounds pretty effortless when he raps, especially in this verse. earl kills it as per usual and has a lot of deep voice distortion. overall the song has the usual vibe you’d get from an earl sweatshirt song. 

the next song is also off of Doris:
the production in this song stands out the most to me since i haven’t really heard a beat like this in other songs. some good stuff indeed 👌👌

i’m gonna try to start posting stuff regularly again since i’ve been discovering some pretty cool music that i wanna share with people. hope whoever reads this enjoys and have a good day ❤ 

2k16 jam

i was going to make a post about the best albums of 2016 and whatnot but i’m pretty lazy, i’ll probably take the time to do that in a couple days. so i’m just gonna post another great song that’s worth a listen, which is:

Make it work – blended babies ft. anderson .paak & asher roth

this song is smooth as hell, as expected with an anderson paak feature (he’s so amazing). i love the instruments used in the production, especially the horns. what surprised me the most about this song was the quality of asher roth’s verse; this dude’s the same rapper that came out with “I Love College” but his maturity shows in his part of the song. overall 10/10 and it’s been stuck in my head for the past week, so check it out for sure!! 

Holiday Hops

first off, sorry if the title is confusing i just wanted it to have a cool alliteration thing going on.

anyway, just wanted to pop in and post a couple songs that my good friend showed me a couple weeks ago. they both have an old school vibe but were released in the past couple years. 

this first song is by Hawk House, a hip-hop group based out of the U.K. (i’m pretty sure, since they all have english accents and are signed to Mercury Records, which is based out of the US and UK). everyone in this song has exemplary lyricism – i needed to use an SAT vocabulary word because that’s what’s needed to describe their talents. they’re witty with their lyrics and praise enlightenment and awareness which is dope as hell. everyone’s individual flow is also really smooth, and they all fit together perfectly.

this second song is featured in a collaborative album called Czarface, by American rapper  Inspectah Deck and hip-hop duo 7L & Esoteric. it also features Action Bronson, who in my opinion spits the strongest verse in the song. although i’ve always been skeptical with him because i’ve never really enjoyed his tone of voice, he works the production of this song in and out and kills it. he comes out strong while still sounding hella smooth and i really enjoy it.

ok that’s pretty much all i wanted to post and these songs both have cool sounds so if you enjoy one, chances are you’ll enjoy the other. happy holidays everyone!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❤️❤️

Daily Bop

I haven’t been on here in a while with finals week and all that happening, but i’ve been wanting to post songs so bad!!! so here’s a daily bop that im currently listening to:

this album in general is a feelgood album, since it was a really good time in kanye’s career where he was bossed tf up (not saying he isn’t now). The production incorporates some synths (i think) and is generally more upbeat. i mostly fucks with this song bc of the lyrics though, so go check it out! if you’re trying to look for some other good stuff that i listen to, look through my “fire” playlist on spotify; it’s just under my name (Sophia Batista).

also before i go, i’m gonna start trying to post pretty regularly again, this makes me happy 🙂 another thing, i’ve been having this thought of me as a radio station host. i would literally be doing everything i love and, not gonna lie, i feel like i’d kill that shit. dj soph in the cut 😎😎😎😎 i’m gonna see what i can do to get a gig doing what i love! aight pce 


ok so this is the 3rd time i try to write this post because wordpress mobile is ass!!!! anyway, i’m just poppin in to post a song my friend showed me, it bumps 💃💃 it’s called:

Shoot the 3 – Yung Simmie ft. Denzel Curry

the beat isn’t too heavy, it has a lot of high hats and a sax? (i think) that’s laid back but has a moderate tempo. simmie has a pretty smooth flow, the lyrics aren’t anything super crazy but it rides. now curry’s verse IS AMAZING as always, he brings out his usual quick flow and just kills it, i love it. go check it out!! ok pce ❤️

Artist of the day – Earl Sweatshirt

artists of the day are gonna consist of cool ass artists that i think release wonderful music and are all around great at what they do, and the perfect first contender is earl sweatshirt. aside from being the future father of my children, he’s also my favorite rapper, and for good reason. his distinct style features mf doom-like lyricism and rhythmic, monotonous flow that smoothly travels along any beat he’s rapping on.

earl sweatshirt is one talented guy and definitely doesn’t get enough recognition, in my opinion. since he entered the rap game under tyler the creator’s wing, i feel like up until recently, he’s always been seen as just another member of odd future. his first mixtape – “Earl” – which he recorded when he was 16, had recognizable characteristics typical of music from the Odd Future group. He really started to break out into his own artist when he released his first album, “Doris”; he ditched the playful undertones usually incorporated in odd future’s music and released something completely his own. Personally, this is my favorite album of his and if you’ve never listened to it in its entirety I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT!!! Every song in that album has its own individual characteristics, yet they all fit like puzzle pieces to create one entire album.


My personal favorites on this album are Pre (earl’s verse), 20 wave caps (ft. Domo Genesis), and Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean!!!!!).

his second album “i don’t like shit, i don’t go outside” is waaay darker than his first and touches upon struggles earl’s facing day to day. he also seems a lot more adult in this album? i don’t know if that makes sense but there is definitely some maturity that has developed due to life experiences. this album took me a little longer to get into but is still fucking amazing. this album is accented with more of the slow and rhythmic flows earl is known for, and has more unique production than “Doris”. if you’re into darker rap (like me) definitely check that shit out.


My favorite songs off that album are Huey, Wool, and Inside.

I apologize for this lengthy post but I can pretty much go on forever if the topic’s Earl, i’m kind of a fangirl; ok scratch that, i cried like a baby when i saw him in concert, so i am a fangirl. bottom line is, earl’s an amazing rapper that doesn’t get enough credit.

ps: i just figured out how to put pictures up on these posts so we boutta start getting real fancy from here on out 😉