Tifu by Jogging and More Tunes

So today, I decided to go for a run and get back on my workout routine. I’ve been either sick or recovering from a wisdom teeth removal surgery for about a month, so I haven’t worked out in a little while. I waited until the sun was starting to set to avoid the worst of the brutal summer heat. Once it was a nice temperature, I started jogging outside to the gate of my complex. As I was rounding the corner to leave the neighborhood, I trip on my left foot and completely eat it. I slid on my right elbow on the pavement and, frankly, it hurt like a bitch. As I fell I slammed my phone down trying to catch myself with my hands and my screen cracked on the side. I automatically looked around to make sure nobody saw me (that’s worse than the fall itself) and then quickly got up when I saw nobody around me. I limped over to the leasing office and cleaned the cuts on my left knee, right elbow, and hand. The injuries weren’t as bad as my phone being shattered — I can heal for free but my phone can’t. Wow, that’s pretty weird how essential phones are. Anyway, I felt like writing about it because it was probably the most eventful thing that happened to me today. Oh, forgot to mention it’s like the fourth time I’ve fallen while running this year. I need to start picking my feet up more when I run.

I like writing about music I find good so I’m gonna put another tune of the day. Today’s song is vacation by jazz liberators. It includes smooth rap with a nice beat and instruments in the background. I absolutely love when rap songs have instruments included in the production rather than synths or stuff like that. If anyone ever ends up reading this, definitely listen to that song.


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