Final Post?

So this is the last post I’m going to be making for class purposes. I guess it would be appropriate to reflect on the class itself and whatnot.

First thing’s first, I loved the class — as much as one can love sitting in a classroom for an hour and a half. The fact that we talked about stuff that actually mattered, instead of just grammar rules or some mundane thing like that, blew my mind. I have never participated in a class with so much open discussion. Everyone was comfortable voicing their opinions and talking about real things going on in society, and it was cool to see a class participate with so much enthusiasm. My favorite part, though, was that I was forced to think about things I normally wouldn’t think of regularly, and especially not in a classroom.

Another thing, everyone actually tried with the assignments. The genre presentations stood out to me so much. People had awesome topics that seemed genuinely interesting to the people that were presenting them, and I learned so much about crazy shit going on in society that most people wouldn’t hear about. It was so refreshing and interesting to actually feel like you’re learning things that can help you in life and expand your knowledge. So yeah to sum things up, the class was pretty cool I guess. Shout out to the coolest English almost professor ever.

Now for my tune of the day: vibe by Mink Jenkins. This dude is super underrated, he has a really smooth, monotonous flow. One thing about me is I loooove rappers that have a deep monotone voice, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s just more pleasant to listen to and it catches the beat better. Jenkins also raps about a lot of cool things, he doesn’t talk about stupid stuff like killing people and getting bitches and all that nonsense.

And finally, to address the title of my post, I’m kinda thinking of continuing to post on here because it feels good to have somewhere to write your feelings and thoughts down and I like posting cool tunes.


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