we back and we back

I’m back with my tunes!!! I just remembered I had this set up from my english class, so fuck it i’m just gonna keep using it. lately i’ve been getting really into Isaiah Rashad, he’s not the newest rapper but he’s just starting to get more attention. i’m gonna slide to his concert in february at potbelly’s (lmao hopefully it’s a good venue for a concert) and i’m very excited about it.

anyway, my song that i’m currently fucking with is Wat’s Wrong ft. Zacari and Kendrick Lamar. The beat has a lil bit of a faster tempo while still maintaining a chill ass vibe, and isaiah and kendrick kill their verses. they both display quick, consistent flows that sound  effortless, which is a typical thing for kendrick. his verse is by far my favorite on the song.

the sun’s tirade (isaiah rashad’s newest album) in general is dope as hell and is by far one of the best albums released this year. its definitely worth checking out.

Ok my professor’s starting my lesson now so i’m gonna have to wrap this up. peace


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