Artist of the day – Earl Sweatshirt

artists of the day are gonna consist of cool ass artists that i think release wonderful music and are all around great at what they do, and the perfect first contender is earl sweatshirt. aside from being the future father of my children, he’s also my favorite rapper, and for good reason. his distinct style features mf doom-like lyricism and rhythmic, monotonous flow that smoothly travels along any beat he’s rapping on.

earl sweatshirt is one talented guy and definitely doesn’t get enough recognition, in my opinion. since he entered the rap game under tyler the creator’s wing, i feel like up until recently, he’s always been seen as just another member of odd future. his first mixtape – “Earl” – which he recorded when he was 16, had recognizable characteristics typical of music from the Odd Future group. He really started to break out into his own artist when he released his first album, “Doris”; he ditched the playful undertones usually incorporated in odd future’s music and released something completely his own. Personally, this is my favorite album of his and if you’ve never listened to it in its entirety I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IT!!! Every song in that album has its own individual characteristics, yet they all fit like puzzle pieces to create one entire album.


My personal favorites on this album are Pre (earl’s verse), 20 wave caps (ft. Domo Genesis), and Sunday (ft. Frank Ocean!!!!!).

his second album “i don’t like shit, i don’t go outside” is waaay darker than his first and touches upon struggles earl’s facing day to day. he also seems a lot more adult in this album? i don’t know if that makes sense but there is definitely some maturity that has developed due to life experiences. this album took me a little longer to get into but is still fucking amazing. this album is accented with more of the slow and rhythmic flows earl is known for, and has more unique production than “Doris”. if you’re into darker rap (like me) definitely check that shit out.


My favorite songs off that album are Huey, Wool, and Inside.

I apologize for this lengthy post but I can pretty much go on forever if the topic’s Earl, i’m kind of a fangirl; ok scratch that, i cried like a baby when i saw him in concert, so i am a fangirl. bottom line is, earl’s an amazing rapper that doesn’t get enough credit.

ps: i just figured out how to put pictures up on these posts so we boutta start getting real fancy from here on out 😉


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