Holiday Hops

first off, sorry if the title is confusing i just wanted it to have a cool alliteration thing going on.

anyway, just wanted to pop in and post a couple songs that my good friend showed me a couple weeks ago. they both have an old school vibe but were released in the past couple years. 

this first song is by Hawk House, a hip-hop group based out of the U.K. (i’m pretty sure, since they all have english accents and are signed to Mercury Records, which is based out of the US and UK). everyone in this song has exemplary lyricism – i needed to use an SAT vocabulary word because that’s what’s needed to describe their talents. they’re witty with their lyrics and praise enlightenment and awareness which is dope as hell. everyone’s individual flow is also really smooth, and they all fit together perfectly.

this second song is featured in a collaborative album called Czarface, by American rapper  Inspectah Deck and hip-hop duo 7L & Esoteric. it also features Action Bronson, who in my opinion spits the strongest verse in the song. although i’ve always been skeptical with him because i’ve never really enjoyed his tone of voice, he works the production of this song in and out and kills it. he comes out strong while still sounding hella smooth and i really enjoy it.

ok that’s pretty much all i wanted to post and these songs both have cool sounds so if you enjoy one, chances are you’ll enjoy the other. happy holidays everyone!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❤️❤️


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