Earl v. Domo

I’ve neglected to write on here for a while since i’ve been busy but I miss it so i’m back to post some fire. both of these songs are on earl’s Doris album and they feature domo genesis, who is waaaay underrated in my opinion. i like earl and domo’s dynamic, their styles fit together very well. my first song is dis:

the song opens with domo’s verse. his flow is really good but what catches my attention the most is his lyricism and his cool style, he sounds pretty effortless when he raps, especially in this verse. earl kills it as per usual and has a lot of deep voice distortion. overall the song has the usual vibe you’d get from an earl sweatshirt song. 

the next song is also off of Doris:
the production in this song stands out the most to me since i haven’t really heard a beat like this in other songs. some good stuff indeed 👌👌

i’m gonna try to start posting stuff regularly again since i’ve been discovering some pretty cool music that i wanna share with people. hope whoever reads this enjoys and have a good day ❤ 


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