Local Fire Pt.1

most of my posts on here have been referencing rappers that are in the limelight and have been recognized for their talents already. i figured why not feature local artists that have real talent on here?? might as well gas them up a bit, because they definitely deserve it. some of the people in this post are my homiessss and some i just follow on twitter, nevertheless they are all talented musicians from south florida and deserve all the attention they get. 

first up is “Back 2 School” by my good friend Tyler, a talented ass individual who is way too humble about his music. this song has a very lo-fi hip-hop sound to it; it features very minimal beats and a nice piano riff (i know riff is usually used when referencing guitars, but i couldn’t think of a better word lol). my favorite part by far is the little coin sound in the beginning, which is slowly but surely turning into his trademark. overall 10/10 song, especially if you want something to vibe to. 

next up is “Everyday” by Kaotic Steel. This song is about love, but not in the cheesy, romantic way you’d expect a love song to be. Steel incorporates a lot of emotion into this song, and you can really feel it when you listen to it, which is probably one of the things i appreciate the most. he also has a very developed and individual style, which shows his skill level is far beyond an everyday amateur rapper. the production in this song also rides so shout out to Big Lo$. Kaotic Steel’s album “2Face” is very well put together while maintaining a great variety, and is something that should definitely be checked out.

if you haven’t already noticed, i put part 1 on the title because i have too much talent to write about and i don’t want the post to be achingly long and hard to read, so i’m gonna make another post featuring more local fire soon! pce out 


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