New Musica (/^_^)/

Hello, happy holidays everyone. In the midst of this great holiday cheer (I write that as sarcastically as possible), it is great to take a break and listen to some good, smooth music. I am here to suggest to listen to this amazing group, the Marias. They have an amazing aesthetic and their album covers are awesome.

IMG_3604 (1)IMG_3605

This group has inspired me to write about them, even after I internally decided I was going to stop writing for a bit to prioritize other things. What stands out the most to me is their ability to mash up a bunch of different genres and styles in a way that produces their own completely unique sound, yet still honors and features the integral elements of said styles. The lead singer’s vocals (her name is Maria, and she also plays guitar in the band… queen) are hypnotically smooth and velvety, and give off a lounge-y feel. Their lyrics are to the point, yet by no means are they lazy or simple. It fits perfectly with the production, everything. They also have psychedelic and jazz elements in their music. What impresses me the absolute most with this group is their ability to maintain their unique style (that I love so much) in each and every song while still managing to showcase their range. Every song is different; some are in Spanish, too. We stan.

They don’t have a whole lot of music released since they formed in 2016, but they have 2 EPs, Superclean, Vol. I and Superclean, Vol. 2. Very fitting titles, I think. They also have a single called “Drip”, which is their most recent release, and I very much enjoy it. It starts out with a faster tempo, and has snippy, groovy guitar rifts. Once it hits the halfway mark, it starts to slow down and have a deeper, drawn out beat. It reminds me of songs like “Glitter” and “Awkward” from Tyler, the Creator, where he transitions into a slower second half of the song that usually features internal afterthoughts of whatever the first half of the song was about. I like the direction they took with it.

So, I would obviously recommend listening to everything, but, not everyone has the time nor attention span to sit through two EP’s (although, in my experience, listening through everything is always worth it – shout out to my friend Sam for getting me to listen more). With that being said, my top 5 songs from them – in no particular order – would be:

  • Carino (idk how to do the n~ on the computer lol)
  • I Don’t Know You
  • Basta Ya
  • Drip
  • I Like It

Go and listen to them and support their awesomeness. Also happy holidays to all, good food and family is what it’s all about. Check out the Marias n all the other wonderful music in this world 🙂



I’m not sure how to start this exactly, but this is going to be about Mac Miller. Rest in peace. He died way too early. I was planning on posting this on my new website, and writing about his growth as an artist after the Tyler post, and I guess I still will but, naturally, there’s a different tone.

At first it was a shock and I still haven’t fully absorbed, but I’m listening to Faces and it shows everything, I’m not sure. He speaks so much on his demons, and yeah. A piece of art, nevertheless. Anywho, I’m not going to fill this post with sadness because he deserves to be remembered by everything he did, and the person he was (although, I don’t really know who he was).

Alright, so Mac has a fucking impressive and long (or large?) discography, and I’m going to say I definitely have not listened to all of it, so I can’t go through it all. I’ve been listening to a lot of his old stuff lately since I wanted to write that post about him.

Blue Slide Park (2011) is his first studio album, and the earliest I’ve heard. He displays his skill immediately. His flow is quick and effortless, his wordplay already impressive (like in “Under The Weather”) and his drive is very evident. “Loitering” has a choppy, hard ass beat and he rides it perfectly. Bodies it. 100%. “Smile Back” was the middle school jam. Listening to this album you can tell he’s a young bean.

Next album I listened to was Watching Movies with the Sound Off (2013) and it is a more mature album overall compared to Blue Slide. Slightly in skill, but more on content. ~Quick input: Shakira helped me out with writing about this album, s/o her and her music knowledge. She a real ass Mac fan.~ He was going through a hard time around then because a good friend of his died, and it forced him to grow up, as grief seems to do. His lyrics, sound and topics reflect it. “Remember” is about his friend, REM his initials. This album has a plethora of amazing features: Tyler, Q, Earl, Ab-Soul. The production is impeccable too, especially in “Red Dot Music”, “Gees”, “O.K.”, “I’m Not Real” (one of my personal favorites because the heavy beat, and Earl of course – him and Earl have always collaborated a lot and make art). He touches on a lot of dark topics, dark thoughts, dark habits. This album was definitely slept on.

Faces (2014) is another intricate, skillful (?) album. (My vocabulary isn’t the best right now, toasty.) His flow is impeccable as always. Amazing production and features. He gets really dark, and almost nonchalant about his demons and habits. It translates to his flow, which is especially effortless in a lot of his songs, like “Friends” and “Angel Dust”. Listening to this album is a little numbing. The fact that all of his emotions, no matter how dismal, could produce such quality music is insane.

GO:OD AM (2015) follows the slower, more almost melancholic tone that Faces does. It’s his third studio album, and received pretty good reviews and attention overall. He definitely established himself as someone to take seriously with this one, and made sure everyone knew how good he really was. He speaks on some dark themes again, as heard in “Weekend” and “Perfect Circle/Godspeed”. He seems pretty over the fame and seems to be surrounded by vices. This is the album that caught my attention as well, to be honest. And Faces, but not as completely as this one.

He caught a lot of attention after Divine Feminine (2016). All I can say about this one is, wow. What a beautiful, melodic, passionate, expressive album. He was in love. And it translates 100% in every song. His singing is amazing and shows a lot of versatility.

And lastly, ugh I want to shed a tear, Swimming (2018). It leaves me speechless every. Single. Time. And it helped me go through my own life stuff, to be honest, and I know it helped a lot of others as well. A lot of my friends even. I don’t even know where to begin when talking about this album. Every song just hits the soul, every one is relatable for a different reason. The spectrum of emotions he conveys throughout the album is like a breath of fresh air. “Wings” is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. That faint, dampened, dragging guitar plucking in the beat just wraps the entire song up so much, I don’t know it just really makes you feel something. The feeling in his voice brings tears it’s so deep. “2009” is another one that hits hard. Every single song is a masterpiece. The album is an emotional journey from start to finish.

Mr. Mac Miller, you shined bright and were a fucking genius. An artist. RIP.


We as humans have this amazing ability to grow as we go through life, to adapt. Sometimes it’s voluntary, sometimes it’s not – but either way, change is a common theme in many people’s lives.

I wanted to write about some artists that have evolved throughout their music career, and how it is evident in the projects they release. I’m not going to act like I know everything going on in the artist’s life, but their music does act as a window. Each song and album has its own tone, theme, word use, etc. Anywho, a couple of artists that stick out to me in terms of evolution are Tyler, the Creator (I can’t write this post and not gush about his career), Mr. Mac Miller, and Denzel Curry. I’m going to try and keep this short and sweet because I can go on for hours about this 😛

Let’s start with Tyler. I feel like I have always resonated with his music, and as he has grown so have I, like on the same timeline or something. I know I should start with Bastard, as that was his first official project, but I don’t want to. I’m going to start with Goblin (to be honest, that’s when I first started listening to him heavily and I want to be detailed). When I listen to Goblin, there’s a lot of anger and confusion in his songs. He’s starting to fully establish himself as an artist to the public, but he’s also just trying to figure himself out. And I feel like at this time not a lot of people understood him. The only fully melodic songs are his instrumentals. Honestly, there’s a lot of insecurity within that album, which I more than understand. Weird side note, but when Goblin came out I was in middle school and this was the EXACT same place in life I was at, so it was nice that he was so open with how he was feeling. I feel like a lot of people get uncomfortable with that kind of stuff. I know I was.

Now onto Wolf (I slept on it so hard when it came out). Listening to this album shows his growth at the time. He is more open and fluid with his music and production. Mad jazzy vibes and he sings a lot!! But his voice is still pitched low (I know he’s mentioned his insecurity in singing with his deep voice). Treehome95 though! Despite his growth, you can tell he still is battling the same demons. He almost seems to be his own worst enemy at points. But, he also displayed his upward mobility heavy with his sophomore album.

****Quick intermission – I just decided I’m only going to talk about Tyler in this post 🙂 my attention span be mad short my guy****

Cherry Bomb kind of flopped with the general public, even though the production on that album blew me away. He really displayed his versatility and music knowledge with this one. The reason I feel like this one didn’t break through to people is that it kind of seems like he was just making songs to make songs. Maybe he was trying to prove himself as an artist, but he got caught up in making sure it was high quality, highly skilled stuff. It wasn’t fully coming from a personal place (or at least it didn’t seem like it was), and good music doesn’t have to be wildly intimate, but realness resonates with people. Good music is relatable and makes you feel something. Cherry Bomb was great, but it didn’t feel 100% authentic.

And after his lows with Cherry Bomb, he killed it with Flower Boy. Wow the growth is so apparent in this one. It’s crazy because all he really does is talk about himself, his thoughts, his struggles, his victories; it’s honestly all very simple, but it’s fucking amazing. This is an album that hits the heart because it touches upon shit that’s real, and you can tell he feels it and he’s not just trying to chug out good music. He delves into his demons (like in Goblin) but also recognizes his growth and security as a person. It’s nice to see him embracing himself the way he does in this album. AND HE SINGS WITH NO VOICE EFFECTS OHHHH YEAH. Honestly hearing him sing in Garden Shed shook me the first time it came out, I couldn’t believe he really did that. It’s such a nice feeling to see him in that spot. He shines. And it’s not even like he has everything figured out, but he is willing to be open and honest and okay with himself and who he is, and that’s one of the most important things a person can learn in this lifetime.

So this post didn’t delve too deeply into the details of each album. I wanted to focus more on the aspect of growth and change and how that is displayed through an artist’s discography. Everyone goes through the same things in this life – maybe different context, but same raw emotions and undertones – and it’s nice to hear your favorite artist open up about their own imperfections and emotions. It’s nice to listen to things you can relate to and jam to at the same time.

The coolest thing about having a range of different albums that can encompass various mindsets and points in one’s life is that the listener can resonate with any and all of them. No matter a person’s point of development or security, there are always times when someone feels like they’ve lost control. When I feel that way, I like listening to music that relates to that feeling, so it’s nice to be able to go back and listen to old stuff too. Personally, when I feel mad or frustrated I like listening to Goblin. Especially Tron Cat, that’s some good shiz right there, helps blow off the steam.

Anyway, I will soon write the next post about Mac! His development honestly blows me away. Ok thanks 4 reading if you did like n subscribe xD

Local Fire Pt.1

most of my posts on here have been referencing rappers that are in the limelight and have been recognized for their talents already. i figured why not feature local artists that have real talent on here?? might as well gas them up a bit, because they definitely deserve it. some of the people in this post are my homiessss and some i just follow on twitter, nevertheless they are all talented musicians from south florida and deserve all the attention they get. 

first up is “Back 2 School” by my good friend Tyler, a talented ass individual who is way too humble about his music. this song has a very lo-fi hip-hop sound to it; it features very minimal beats and a nice piano riff (i know riff is usually used when referencing guitars, but i couldn’t think of a better word lol). my favorite part by far is the little coin sound in the beginning, which is slowly but surely turning into his trademark. overall 10/10 song, especially if you want something to vibe to. 

next up is “Everyday” by Kaotic Steel. This song is about love, but not in the cheesy, romantic way you’d expect a love song to be. Steel incorporates a lot of emotion into this song, and you can really feel it when you listen to it, which is probably one of the things i appreciate the most. he also has a very developed and individual style, which shows his skill level is far beyond an everyday amateur rapper. the production in this song also rides so shout out to Big Lo$. Kaotic Steel’s album “2Face” is very well put together while maintaining a great variety, and is something that should definitely be checked out.

if you haven’t already noticed, i put part 1 on the title because i have too much talent to write about and i don’t want the post to be achingly long and hard to read, so i’m gonna make another post featuring more local fire soon! pce out 

Earl v. Domo

I’ve neglected to write on here for a while since i’ve been busy but I miss it so i’m back to post some fire. both of these songs are on earl’s Doris album and they feature domo genesis, who is waaaay underrated in my opinion. i like earl and domo’s dynamic, their styles fit together very well. my first song is dis:

the song opens with domo’s verse. his flow is really good but what catches my attention the most is his lyricism and his cool style, he sounds pretty effortless when he raps, especially in this verse. earl kills it as per usual and has a lot of deep voice distortion. overall the song has the usual vibe you’d get from an earl sweatshirt song. 

the next song is also off of Doris:
the production in this song stands out the most to me since i haven’t really heard a beat like this in other songs. some good stuff indeed 👌👌

i’m gonna try to start posting stuff regularly again since i’ve been discovering some pretty cool music that i wanna share with people. hope whoever reads this enjoys and have a good day ❤ 

2k16 jam

i was going to make a post about the best albums of 2016 and whatnot but i’m pretty lazy, i’ll probably take the time to do that in a couple days. so i’m just gonna post another great song that’s worth a listen, which is:

Make it work – blended babies ft. anderson .paak & asher roth

this song is smooth as hell, as expected with an anderson paak feature (he’s so amazing). i love the instruments used in the production, especially the horns. what surprised me the most about this song was the quality of asher roth’s verse; this dude’s the same rapper that came out with “I Love College” but his maturity shows in his part of the song. overall 10/10 and it’s been stuck in my head for the past week, so check it out for sure!! 

Holiday Hops

first off, sorry if the title is confusing i just wanted it to have a cool alliteration thing going on.

anyway, just wanted to pop in and post a couple songs that my good friend showed me a couple weeks ago. they both have an old school vibe but were released in the past couple years. 

this first song is by Hawk House, a hip-hop group based out of the U.K. (i’m pretty sure, since they all have english accents and are signed to Mercury Records, which is based out of the US and UK). everyone in this song has exemplary lyricism – i needed to use an SAT vocabulary word because that’s what’s needed to describe their talents. they’re witty with their lyrics and praise enlightenment and awareness which is dope as hell. everyone’s individual flow is also really smooth, and they all fit together perfectly.

this second song is featured in a collaborative album called Czarface, by American rapper  Inspectah Deck and hip-hop duo 7L & Esoteric. it also features Action Bronson, who in my opinion spits the strongest verse in the song. although i’ve always been skeptical with him because i’ve never really enjoyed his tone of voice, he works the production of this song in and out and kills it. he comes out strong while still sounding hella smooth and i really enjoy it.

ok that’s pretty much all i wanted to post and these songs both have cool sounds so if you enjoy one, chances are you’ll enjoy the other. happy holidays everyone!!!! ❄️❄️❄️❄️❤️❤️