we back and we back

I’m back with my tunes!!! I just remembered I had this set up from my english class, so fuck it i’m just gonna keep using it. lately i’ve been getting really into Isaiah Rashad, he’s not the newest rapper but he’s just starting to get more attention. i’m gonna slide to his concert in february at potbelly’s (lmao hopefully it’s a good venue for a concert) and i’m very excited about it.

anyway, my song that i’m currently fucking with is Wat’s Wrong ft. Zacari and Kendrick Lamar. The beat has a lil bit of a faster tempo while still maintaining a chill ass vibe, and isaiah and kendrick kill their verses. they both display quick, consistent flows that sound ¬†effortless, which is a typical thing for kendrick. his verse is by far my favorite on the song.

the sun’s tirade (isaiah rashad’s newest album) in general is dope as hell and is by far one of the best albums released this year. its definitely worth checking out.

Ok my professor’s starting my lesson now so i’m gonna have to wrap this up. peace


Final Post?

So this is the last post I’m going to be making for class purposes. I guess it would be appropriate to reflect on the class itself and whatnot.

First thing’s first, I loved the class — as much as one can love sitting in a classroom for an hour and a half. The fact that we talked about stuff that actually mattered, instead of just grammar rules or some mundane thing like that, blew my mind. I have never participated in a class with so much open discussion. Everyone was comfortable voicing their opinions and talking about real things going on in society, and it was cool to see a class participate with so much enthusiasm. My favorite part, though, was that I was forced to think about things I normally wouldn’t think of regularly, and especially not in a classroom.

Another thing, everyone actually tried with the assignments. The genre presentations stood out to me so much. People had awesome topics that seemed genuinely interesting to the people that were presenting them, and I learned so much about crazy shit going on in society that most people wouldn’t hear about. It was so refreshing and interesting to actually feel like you’re learning things that can help you in life and expand your knowledge. So yeah to sum things up, the class was pretty cool I guess. Shout out to the coolest English almost professor ever.

Now for my tune of the day: vibe by Mink Jenkins. This dude is super underrated, he has a really smooth, monotonous flow. One thing about me is I loooove rappers that have a deep monotone voice, I don’t know how to explain it but it’s just more pleasant to listen to and it catches the beat better. Jenkins also raps about a lot of cool things, he doesn’t talk about stupid stuff like killing people and getting bitches and all that nonsense.

And finally, to address the title of my post, I’m kinda thinking of continuing to post on here because it feels good to have somewhere to write your feelings and thoughts down and I like posting cool tunes.

Tifu by Jogging and More Tunes

So today, I decided to go for a run and get back on my workout routine. I’ve been either sick or recovering from a wisdom teeth removal surgery for about a month, so I haven’t worked out in a little while. I waited until the sun was starting to set to avoid the worst of the brutal summer heat. Once it was a nice temperature, I started jogging outside to the gate of my complex. As I was rounding the corner to leave the neighborhood, I trip on my left foot and completely eat it. I slid on my right elbow on the pavement and, frankly, it hurt like a bitch. As I fell I slammed my phone down trying to catch myself with my hands and my screen cracked on the side. I automatically looked around to make sure nobody saw me (that’s worse than the fall itself) and then quickly got up when I saw nobody around me. I limped over to the leasing office and cleaned the cuts on my left knee, right elbow, and hand. The injuries weren’t as bad as my phone being shattered — I can heal for free but my phone can’t. Wow, that’s pretty weird how essential phones are. Anyway, I felt like writing about it because it was probably the most eventful thing that happened to me today. Oh, forgot to mention it’s like the fourth time I’ve fallen while running this year. I need to start picking my feet up more when I run.

I like writing about music I find good so I’m gonna put another tune of the day. Today’s song is vacation by jazz liberators. It includes smooth rap with a nice beat and instruments in the background. I absolutely love when rap songs have instruments included in the production rather than synths or stuff like that. If anyone ever ends up reading this, definitely listen to that song.


Music has always been a big part in my life — I’m always listening to it. I’ve probably (I have) mentioned this a couple times in my other blogs, I just felt like I should reiterate. Anyway, lately I’ve been finding new music and appreciating it more; ive been listening to a variety of music from all time periods. Usually when I find a really good song or I’m just jamming out really hard I’ll take a screenshot of the song on my phone and post it in this Twitter account that at most 10 friends follow. I want to start doing that on this blog. I’ve been wanting to make some sort of account to post things about music, and I just came to the realization that I could do that here. Took me long enough to find a topic I actually like to talk about! If I would’ve done this from the beginning I would’ve been posting 5 times a week.


So I just tried posting a picture from my phone and that didn’t work, so the song I was gonna refer to is “The Joy” by Jay Z and Kanye West on their Watch the Throne album. Great album by the way. But yeah I stumbled across this song the other day while I was listening to the album on shuffle and it immediately caught my attention. Kanye’s verse is freaking amazing. That is all.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me

In order to survive in this world, you need one basic thing. It’s not survival skills, it’s not strength, it’s nothing you can develop on your own. The one thing you need is money; a simple piece of paper that can either open many doors to endless possibilities, or completely tear you down. Recently my family has been struggling with money, which isn’t fun to be a part of. Side note, at first I felt bad writing about this because it’s a kind of sensitive and personal topic, but I feel like I need a place to vent and this really helps. Anyway, I find it completely appalling that in order to do ANYTHING in this world you need money. It completely restricts certain people and makes it impossible to do anything. It also separates people. The poor people are poor in all aspects, and the rich become richer. People start to do things, things that would normally seem morally wrong, for money. It gets them hungry and greedy. I feel like this world wasn’t made for people to chase material things we put value into. That’s not the purpose of life. Money takes away the ability for individuals to seek out their true purpose, because they’re worrying about how they’re going to afford to survive another day.